Genetic Ancestors in Taiwan

By 18,300 years ago, there would be a new ancestral sub lineage O2a2b (O-P164). It may have come about as the result of the significant population gene flow into the Sundaland's expansive land mass. Rather than make room for the new arrivals, my ancestors may have just moved on.

That said, it raises the question as to where geographically my ancestors were 18,300 years ago. According to the U.S. based DNA lab in the U.S. and another in China, my paternal ancestry composition based on the O-P164 sub lineage and is mostly Taiwanese Gaoshan. In both cases, it is in particular with the indigenous Amis and Atayal people and less so the Southern Han. The other areas of Asia and Oceana are less than 1%. As for the O-P164 sub lineage present in the indigenous people of Taiwan, it has a greater presence in the Amis. It is predominant in paternal lineages of Taiwan’s Amis population.

So, if my O-P164 sub lineage is representative of the Gaoshan indigenous people of Taiwan in the present time, what population was was the O-P164 sub lineage indicative of 18,3000 years ago? This question seems relevant in that the origin of indigenous peoples of Taiwan is debated. One reliable theory is that Taiwan’s Gaoshan indigenous people originated from one branch of the ancient Yue ethnic group living along the coast of the mainland during the Stone Age. And, in another study versions of the sub lineage in the present time were found to be widely distributed on the eastern coastal regions of Asia, from Korea to Vietnam.1

Whatever the case, in the Sundaland of 18,300 years ago, my ancestors had found an ideal climate and natural resources for communal living and social development. They were in a place where food was abundant and it was where they may well have started primitive farming and trading. There is a general agreement among researchers that japonica (short-grain rice) cultivation occurred in southern China around 13,500 years ago.

Of course the continent was above sea level and the glaciers had just reached their peak levels. From this time on the glaciers would be in retreat and create a resulting climate change. It would not be noticed by my ancestors of sub lineage O-P164. But it would be a different story for my ancestors in a sub lineage yet to come.

Migration Route of My Genetic Lineage
18,000 years ago


1 Click here...patrilineal traces of Austronesian populations on the eastern coastal regions of Asia, PLOS Journals, April, 5, 2017


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