Finding Austronesian Ancestors by DNA by Herbert P. Holeman, Ph.D.

Next Generation Sequencing
for Deep ancestral paternal DNA lineage

Next Generation Sequencing state-of-the-art technology scans virtually the entire Y chromosome in searching for a single line of male descent dating back thousands of years to more recent ancestry. So, to the point of my original stated task, I wanted to imagine the biogeographical world traveled by those archaic and modern-day humans with whom I share DNA. The markers uncovered so far, have accomplished much of the former, that is, the ancient populations with whom I share DNA.

But beyond that, I'm mindful of what Roberta Estes cautions: "I understand what’s really going on, meaning that ethnicity is a great feel-good sales tool (queue up the music), but does not have the ability to predict ethnicity accurately beyond the continental level (Europe, Africa, Asia), plus Native American and Jewish."

With that said, I have established my paternal genetic ancestry, all the members of which bear Haplogroup O markers, has remained in East Asia.

Figure 26
My Y-Chromosome Paternal Lineage
~28,000 to ~2,100 Years Ago

Y-Chromosome Lineage

Recent Paternal Ancestry

The answer to the geographical migration of my ancestors to present day location lies in my 28 unamed private variants yet to be confirmed as genetic markers. There were known to have formed on average every two-three generations. In this case, 70 generations or a span of 1400 to 2450 years. The reason for this variance in times is twofold.

I represent one biological generation, my parents are in a another generation, and my child in yet another generation.

A vew centuries ago, the average life-span was 20 years and now in westernized cultures it is 35 years for males.

Given, in time, my novel variants likely will become new markers and point to more recent ancestory, I suspect within the last 500 years, it will fall within the geographical area of Figure 23.

Figure 27
Taiwan Austronesian Southeast Asia Expansion
6000-2000 Years Ago

Austronesia Area Map

For the moment, my thoughts on recent ancestry are best expressed by the words of Roberta Estes about her DNA research for a paternal ancestor, "If I’m incredibly lucky, maybe there will be a family line SNP (Novel Unnamed Variant) and it won’t just narrow the line, it will give me a long-awaited answer by genetically announcing which line was his."


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