Sundaland is Atlantis?

Southeast Asia Map

My ancestor lived in Sundaland, Southeast Asia 24,100 years ago and thereby marked the next migration on my ancestral trail. This event formed sub lineage O2a2 (O-P201). It came in a time when the ice sheets were nearing their greatest extension and had driven my ancestors ever southward.

This would also be a time presaging a great population gene flow into the land mass of Sundaland. In my ancestor's days, many of today's islands were above sea level and connected to the Asian mainland. In fact, they rightfully formed the Southeast Asian Continent of Sundaland. It connected the Indonesian islands to the mainland as far east as Borneo and Bali, while the rest of the Philippine Islands formed one large island separated from the continent only by the Sibutu Passage and the Mindoro Strait.

Sundaland in the literature has been variously described as the continents of Atlantis, Lemuria -- the "lost land," and the Lost Continent of Mu.1 But, according to Professor Arysio Santos, Sundaland was in fact Atlantis. A renowned scientist, he believes Sundaland is "a site that is unsurpassed as the site which is the most logical ever proposed, and the most suitable with all the features mentioned by the Greek philosopher Plato, and also mentioned through other sources." He goes on to say, "In the Ice Age, Atlantis was a tropical paradise with beautiful fields, great mountains, many precious stones, various types of metal, perfumes, rivers, lakes, artificial irrigation canals, agriculture of a very productive nature, golden palaces with walls of silver, and tin and elephants as well as a variety of other wildlife and beauties."2

Radio Carbon dating of an ancient pyramid at Gunung Padang, Indonesia, dating back as far as 26,000 years old has provided further evidence of the existence of developed civilization in Sundaland.3 Dr. Danny Natawidjaja, a Cal Tech scientist says, "his research at Gunung Padang has convinced him that Plato was right about the existence of a high civilization in the depths of the last Ice Age."4 Dr. Santos agrees, "experts who generally come from the West, firmly believes that human civilization comes from their world. But reality shows that Atlantis is under the waters of Indonesia and not elsewhere.5

Southeast Asia Map

Perhaps Sundaland supported a more advanced civilization, but whatever the theoretical scenarios of lost civilizations, there are also opposing theories about the landscape of Sundaland. In one scientific scenario, my ancestor would have found good hunting in mostly tropical and subtropical grasslands, with woody plants covering large land areas. But, frequent strong winds would frequently enflame fires in the dry grass, and keep land, and forest density low. The other theory on the vegetation of Sundaland suggests my ancestor would have found the lay of the land in Sundaland ranging from coastal swamps and scrub grass to evergreen rainforests in the lowlands and highlands.

As for describing the life of my ancestors in Sundaland, Hans Berekoven says they would have experienced mild temperatures with two summer seasons every year. He argues the migrants would have been funneled into an unaccustomed smaller land area smaller and hence a more crowded lifestyle. "The tribe could longer go to the food, the food had to be bought to the tribe. At first hunting parties would have herded game close to the defensive position and killed it there. The next step would have been to drive game into the defensive position itself so that a store of food was available and the animals killed when they were required.

From there it was a relative short step to tame the captured animals and eventually graze them under supervision. Now for the first time humans had a steady surplus of food available to them. Parallel to the development of animal husbandry, farming would have developed for the same reasons."6

Possible Migration Route of My Genetic Lineage
24,100 years ago

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