Airborne Forces and Paratroopers of Argentina



The Argentine Army is proud of having the distinction of being the first military force in Latin America to field Paratroops organized as a coherent fighting force. This was accomplished at a time when only four other nations, the Soviet Union, Germany, United Kingdom and the United States in that order had such airborne forces.

The paratroop forces are organizationally within the 4th Parachute Brigade (4 Brigada Paracaidista)and functionally is similar to the other infantry brigades, but with parachute capability and once deployed, it can sustain itself in independent action.

Parachute infantry regiments of the Brigade have fought in several conflicts, including the War of the Falklands. During that conflict, known as La Guerra de las Malvinas The airborne brigade's, Artillery Battalion 4 brave defense of its positions won the respect of their British paratroopers and one of the captured pieces now occupies a place in the British Airborne Museum in Aldershot. Today, paratroopers of both countries engage in exchange jump training opportunities. One example is the completion of jump training at the British parachute school in the UK by an Argentine Army Lieutenant who is the son of an Argentine paratroop colonel who fought in the Falklands.

The brigade has participated in peace missions in such places as Angola, Croatia, Cyprus, Kuwait, and Morocco.


IVta Brigada Paracaidista




IIIer Cuerpo de Ejército 'Ejército del Norte' Cp Ej III is responsible for the north-western parts of Argentina and borders Paraguay, Bolivia and Chile. The Cuerpo has mountain, parachute and mechanised formations and is a versatile formation capable of swift movement of its assets. It can intervene quickly into any of the neighbouring countries, reinforce Cp Ej VII or provide it with flank protection and Div Parac IV can deploy further a field if required.

IVta División Paracaidista 
IV Brigada Paracaidista
XIV Brigada Paracaidista
IVta División Paracaidista

Div Parac IV is the Ejército's primary intervention division which is capable of airmobile, airlanding and conventional ground operations. Stationed in Cordoba the division trains for a variety of roles including intervention across the continent in support of Argentine policy, desant and counter-desant operations, urban operations and operations against Britain's South Atlantic territories. Elements of the division saw service in the Incan Republic as well as western Brazil during the 3rd Rio Plato War, during the preceding war the division had a classic airmobile role seizing objectives in advance of the armoured columns.

Compañía de Cazadores Paracaidista 4
Compañía de Cazadores Blindada Paracaidista 4
Escuadrón de Exploración de Caballería Paracaidista 4
Grupo de Artillería Paracaidista 104
Batallón de Ingenieros Paracaidista 4 
Grupo de Artillería Antiaéreo 164
IV Brigada Paracaidista
Regimiento de Infantería Paracaidista 2 'General Balcarce'
Regimiento de Infantería Paracaidista 14
Regimiento de Infantería Paracaidista 25
Grupo de Artillería Paracaidista 4
XIV Brigada Paracaidista
Regimiento de Infantería de Monte Paracaidista 9 'Coronel Pagola'
Regimiento de Infantería Paracaidista 33
Regimiento de Infantería Paracaidista 42
Grupo de Artillería Paracaidista 14    

División Paracaidista Div Parac IV is the only parachute formation in the Ejército. It is an infantry heavy formation capable of any air insertion technique including air landing, parachute drops or air assault. It covers a variety of taskings and is highly trained in dismounted infantry tactics, anti-armour techniques and raids. Ever since its operations in the 3rd Rio Plato War it has also taken jungle warfare training very seriously. It is has lightly armoured ACV mobility and works on light scales of equipment.

It has the same divisional troop complement as the mountain divisions although with its independent Cazadores trained as pathfinders. Its brigades are organised with three infantry regiments each, giving it the strongest infantry complement of any division, in addition to a regiment of light artillery.

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