Uncovering Deep Ancestral Lineage Through DNA

Tracing My Genetic Paternal Lineage

These web pages tell a story of the trail travelled through the ages by my deep genetic male ancestors. It extends back in time to a common ancestor who lived over 31,200 years ago. He was among a small Eurasian clan migrating east into Asia. Their ventures would ultimately become a pattern of migrations. No doubt, this was brought on by the environmental challenges they faced. Moreover, it would be the cause of genetic changes in their genome.

As one researcher says, "DNA really has the power to tell stories and uncover details of humanity’s past. Because the DNA approach uses only genetic data, it provides information independent from other sources."1 My story relies on the DNA approach. I use a Y-DNA lens to analyze my paternal lineage because each generation of fathers passes on intact copies of their genetic male chromosomes to their sons.

As it happens, the path taken by my paternal lineage stays in Asia. In genetic genealogy terms, this classifies my lineage as the Asian Y-DNA Haplogroup O. In essence, a haplogroup is an ancestral clan. Haplogroups chart the clans from which the modern human race originated and are used to understand genetic lineages. According to the Genographic Project, “Your haplogroup is your branch on the human family tree. All people alive today belong to distinct haplogroups ... People belonging to the same haplogroup can trace their descent to a common ancestor and even a specific place where that ancestor may have lived.”2

For this project, I chose the Y-DNA haplogroup chart because it pertains to a single line of descent, dating back thousands of years. Moreover, Within this ancestral line, my lineage is further sub grouped into ancestral sub lineages. Each of these appear in the very geographical area my genetic ancestors were located when they split off from the main clan to from yet a new clan.

My story unfolds in the same sequential way. The saga begins with my earliest genetic ancestors, an Ice Age Eurasian clan, as they embark east into deep Asia. Each sub lineage marks a point of migration in my paternal lineage, and I show how each was impacted the physical environment in which they lived.

Yet, through all of this, my genetic ancestors endured surviving the ice age on the mainland to living in Sundaland, the Atlantis of Asia, and perhaps ultimately to live on a small tropical island or even beyond.

To date, Y-DNA tests have yielded my paternal lineage to be of Taiwan-Gaoshan ancestry. More specifically, it is of the Amis and Atayal people along with southern Han.3

However, going beyond that point, Y-DNA tests have added two more sub lineages to my genetic ancestry. As data become available, they will provide clues to bring my paternal lineage closer to the present. At this point, the most recent lineage tends to appear on the eastern coastal regions of Asia according to a recent study published in April 2017. So, I shall go where YDNA evidence leads me.

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In Sundaland, Asia's Atlantis
24,200 years ago

Taiwanese Genetic Ancestors
18,300 years ago

Asia and Beyond
12,700 - 1000 years ago


1Dr Simon Myers of Oxford University’s Department of Statistics and Wellcome Trust Centre for Human Genetics


3WeGene Labs, Shenzhen in China, specializing in Southeast Asian ancestry.

Google Map of Taiwan and China

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